About me

My name is Pavel Kasak.  I’m a a photographer, traveler and instagramer known as @pavelkasak from the Czech Republic. An athlete inspired by ways, nature, fashion, lifestyle and natural health. Image creation is my passion and I like to share it with the world. That’s why my site was created, so show my stories just to you!

I have discovered the true love for photography during my first trip to Norway. Ever since I have a great passion for the outdoors and constantly looking for adventure and unique views.

The ultimate goal for me, as a photographer, is to document and create stunning images that last a lifetime. I love meeting new people. I love life and every opportunity to capture it through the lens.

I am available and open to various projects. Send me an e-mail, let’s talk soon!


“Do not be shy about your scars. They are proof that you are stronger than what has tried to hurt you

-Pavel Kasak